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I provide a professional, personable, and premium event photography service for business and personal needs. 

With my background and experience, I have an excellent sense at who, what and how to photograph an event. There are dozens of variables to know for each type of event. Of course I’ve attended events ranging from my nieces birthday party to a gala at the Governor’s Mansion. But I’ve also planned many events like my niece’s birthday party, High School Reunion (which became an epically known party) to business and political galas. And if you’ve never attended a top-level political gala, they are the SWANKIEST parties you’ll probably ever attend.

So I know many factors at creating superb images from an event. It’s not only about talent, but the people skills to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Look at the images for proof. The images speak a 1000 words!

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Parties. Anniversaries. Team Building

RGS080721-Maya and Andrew Home Wedding Party-RS1080-372-WebP


Receptions, Birthdays & Holidays

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Weddings. Elopements. Civil Services

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Performing Arts

Concerts. Theater. Dance.

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Art Showings

Art and museum openings and displays.

The Look


Competition, Non-Profit


Business Events

When I get the blog up, I’ll be posting images of my most recent business photography events. However, the last 2 business events were: a South African investment firm hosting South African diplomats at a luncheon in the glorious New York Athletic Club. Also, a luxury home refrigeration company opening their first showroom in New York City and showing it off to partners and interior designers.

Here, we have a holiday party, a gala for a sports teams at a University and women’s shelter and lastly, a sports television network celebrating an anniversary and expansion of their network and offices.

As you can see, business events can be incredibly diverse! It’s just not parties and lunches!

Personal Events

Birthday parties. Receptions. Anniversaries. I am especially grateful when we are chosen to photograph these events as they are usually a highly personal event and asked to share in it!


From me to Vogue magazine photographers, most of us do them! I’m lucky enough that I’ve gotten to do them for some incredibly lovely people. I am honored when we’re chosen to photograph their special day.

Performing Arts

I have experience in other art forms apart from photography including music, dance and theater. I am ecstatic when I get the opportunity to live that energy with the performers!

Art Showings

More art please! Unfortunately, I don’t get to do many of these. There just aren’t that many gallery and art showings even in New York City as I want. Let’s have more! This was for Marko Stout who is a video artist. Great show!


I was an Olympic caliber athlete for a number of years and just love covering these types of events. Whether it be for competition or a non-profit is doing to raise money. From the Water Polo Jr. Olympics, a corporate golf event at a private golf course and posh country club for a couple of days, The Special Olympics to a non-profit doing something silly to raise money! Running around in all kinds of crazy conditions sometimes. Lots of opportunities to get great moments!

So there you have it! As you can see, I do all sorts of event photography and want to keep expanding my horizons! If you don’t see something here, but like the work I do, ask me!

I’ve planned DOZENS of events as well. Everything from personal parties to galas for companies to my own High School class reunion!  I could also help you in planning your best event should you choose to hire me!

Fill out the form at bottom of this page and let me know if I can help you immortalize your event. Whether it was last week or 10 years ago, I want to you remember your event as if it happened yesterday! That’s my goal.

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