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The way I, founder and photographer Ricardo Gomez runs a business is this: it’s all about customer service. 

I started and ran a successful IT consulting business in San Francisco before starting my photography business. In fact, customers nominated my IT business for “IT Consulting Business of the Year” in San Francisco without telling me!

You obviously need to be technically good at your job. That is obvious. And the easy part. But translating your customer’s needs to a process and product they are going to love, that’s empathy in the greatest way. To care about a client’s happiness. 

Simply, when you have happy customers, they will tell others. It’s the best marketing one can hope for! This is how I run this company and expects from anyone who is working with him. It’s not about us. It’s about the customer!

How about some little trivia about me?

  •  Has been athletic since about the age of 12. Started bicycle racing at the age of 13 and was an Olympic caliber athlete for about 10 years. Also participated in other sports including track, cross country, wresting and boxing!
  • My mother randomly bought me a film camera in my 20s. Long before photography. She said “I just saw the camera and thought you should have it”…
  • Loves the arts. A trained musician and singer since the age of 10. Loves ballet and a soaring soprano.
  • Loves a bologna and cheese on white with mayo and ketchup!

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