Headshot and business photography. Creating, building and enhancing your brand.

It’s all about relationships. How you feel about them. Don’t you have different feelings between Coke and Pepsi? Ford and Chevy? Apple and……

How a person or corporation wants you to feel about them is how they market themselves. A personal injury lawyer is going to market themselves differently than a Human Resources professional. One will market themselves more of a fighter vs a defender.

Of course, we also do corporate photography for internal and marketing use. 

How you project yourself determines what clients and potential clients will see you. Make it the image you want!

I am super grateful that I’ve gotten to photograph such great people! I will work with you to try and get the look you are going for. From serious to approachable. From protector to fighter. And of course, I love our headshots! But really, this is even tougher because we got to get our subject into the character they want to portray for themselves and business. All of our clients use the images we create for them for years until it’s time for an update!

I did some work at Pac-12 Networks a while back just for internal use. They were celebrating some expansion of their network and wanted to document what was happening at the company. I got to capture not only how everyone worked, but HOW everyone worked. Which was to me, a great thing. People were so nice and FUN to photograph! Then, the real party started…

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Marketing yourself or company is such an underrated part of running a business. Trust me, I know!

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